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Travelis j.d.o.o. has its headquarters in Margečan, in the Varaždin County. We operate at Ulica Breznice 28, and we provide our services throughout the European Union and beyond. Primarily, Travelis is engaged in the collection and processing of data in the field of tourism and road safety, and the information we offer is professionally processed and regularly updated, and as such is available to all interested legal entities and individuals.


Travelis – Travel Info Service

Since we often travel ourselves and encounter all kinds of unpredictable situations on our trips, we were often unable to obtain sufficient
information, especially when we needed it most. Basically, this is not all that strange when you consider that there is currently not a single travel
guide on the market that, apart from the travel destinations, deals extensively with operational information for travelers and drivers.
For this reason, we have decided to create Travelis brochures with specially designed tourist maps / road maps, which together form a unique
information package in which we focus on travel planning and organization. Thanks to the competence and the reliability of our partners, we
collect daily and weekly valid traffic data, legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia and other useful information. In our brochures you will therefore only find high-quality and verified information that will make your planned trip:




Regardless of whether you are traveling to Croatia on business or on vacation, our brochures will help you find the information you need to prepare for your trip and thus enable you to travel safely and carefree.

Printed matter in the middle of the digital age?

Yes, we enjoy all the advantages of the digital age and the Internet, but printed matter still has many advantages, especially for tourists: they are always available, they do not need Internet, they do not need to be charged, they have no screens that can break and are not interesting for thieves. Also, you have to admit that a personalized item is special. An object you can touch, flip through, write something in and draw and keep it as the most beautiful souvenir.

Additional information:

Full name of the company: Travel info service j.d.o.o.

PIN: 24858875751

VAT ID: HR24858875751

IBAN: HR56 23400091110970582


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