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Do you rent out hotel rooms, apartments or campsites? Do you have a car rental company? Are you a foreign company operating in the Republic of Croatia and do you often travel on Croatian roads for business trips? If any of these apply to you, read on because we have the perfect business deal for you. We offer you the opportunity to earn additional money through a collaboration model of your choice.

Model 1

Buy our Travelis brochures at exclusive prices for companies and offer them to your customers before your arrival in Croatia or when you register at the reception, so that your stay in the Republic of Croatia is as safe and perfect as possible.

Model 2

Arrange a collaboration in the form of vouchers and get the opportunity for additional income with zero kuna investment. Share or send our vouchers to your customers via email and earn a commission for realized Travelis brochure orders.

Model 3

Buy an extremely practical and useful map package that includes a road map of the Republic of Croatia and three additional tourist maps of the regions. You can also offer these maps to customers before you travel to Croatia, or hand them out personally as a special addition to your services. We offer maps at special prices depending on the order quantity.

* Special offer *

If you decide to purchase the Travelis information package (brochures combined with maps), we can offer you the printing of brochures with your logo on the front page as well as an additional page of text where you can present your company, product or services. By accepting this offer, you achieve an excellent advertising campaign and additional satisfaction for your guests and clients.

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The delivery price for B2B customers depends on the quantity of the products ordered and is agreed / calculated in the previous communication.

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We offer all of our partners:

– Free advertising on our website

– Significant discount when buying brochures

– an added value of your services for your customers

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