Available on Croatian, English and German language. 

As of May 21, 2020, all foreign citizens who intend to enter the Republic of Croatia, as well as Croatian citizens who do not reside or reside in the Republic of Croatia, can find out, in one place, answers to all questions related to entering the Republic of Croatia. 

All frequently asked questions and answers about the conditions of entry are published on the official website of the Ministry of Interior under the category UZG COVID.

If you do not find an answer on the conditions of entry, an online inquiry form is available through which you can contact Ministry of Interior for specific answer about the possibility of entering.

Page and the online form are currently available in Croatian, English and German, and it is planned to expand to other foreign languages.

The e-mail address uzg.covid@mup.hr still remains a place where interested users can turn to with a slightly different procedure.

Source of text and photos: https://www.koronavirus.hr/