Brochures and road / tourist maps for a carefree

trip around Croatia.

Rescue service and help?


Speed limit?


Important legal regulations?

Document loss?

Passing the state border?

Paying traffic fines?

Find out the answers to these questions and many more

interesting ones information in Travelis brochures.


Service information for travelers and tourists

Everyone likes to travel to discover new places, try new food and meet new people. Nothing in the world is more beautiful than a relaxed and entertaining trip. With thousands of beautiful locations, cities and islands, Croatia is the right country for a perfect vacation.

However, the days full of fun and pleasure include days, sometimes even weeks of planning, research and translation. Especially if you want to go on vacation by car or rent a vehicle to explore the beauties of Croatia on your own. Planning a vacation means that you have to research, read, record, review and memorize thousands of different dates. This takes a lot of time and energy. Time and energy that you would prefer to save in order to fully enjoy the trip.

We offer you something new!

If you are planning a trip to Croatia
you are in the right place

How about if someone freed you from all this tedious research? What if someone would collect all the information you can think of, but also information you don’t know you will need? If someone delivers these results to your home address on time before the trip so that you can enjoy your vacation fully prepared and relaxed?

Yes, we will do all of that for you.

Why should you choose Travelis information?

The information is available before the trip

Accurate and up-to-date information in your mother tongue

To save time

Individual approach with a focus on the driver and fellow passengers

Targeted information areas

Finding your way in critical situations

Stress-free travel additional benefits






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We present you the unique Travelis brochures – the most reliable travel companions in Croatia that you can imagine. Travelis brochures are beautifully designed, personalized and very practical brochures that are tailored precisely to the needs of tourists and contain a lot of carefully researched and processed information about everything you need to know about when traveling to or in Croatia.


Road map of the Republic of Croatia

34,90kn  17,45kn

Tourist map package

95,00kn  47,50kn

In addition to the brochures, you will also find informative tourist/ road maps, which serve as extremely useful tools for traveling and exploring all areas in Croatia. Specially designed and adapted maps are supplied with the selected brochure and thus form a unique information package that gives you answers to many questions, even to those that you have never even thought of.

The maps can also be ordered separately. Further information on the content and type of maps can be found in the Shop category at the top of the page.

Buying the Travelis information package saves you countless hours of research, translations and checks that are necessary to organize a relaxing and
safe vacation in Croatia. The best thing is that we deliver the purchased brochure in printed form to your home address so that you can study all the information in detail and take a carefree trip.


UPSS is the first application with a detailed and up-to-date presentation of all road traffic violations. We bring you all the information that drivers need to know when driving in Croatia. Detailed legal descriptions of violations and all the possibilities that drivers have in these situations, how much is legally charged for each violation and all other important information that is relevant to drivers.

Find out how the laws look at vehicle categories, when a warning is issued, and when a fine is charged. We also bring you advice for foreigners in Croatia as perpetrators of misdemeanors, so that you are ready for all situations.