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the first Croatian application with a detailed presentation of

road traffic offenses in theterritory of the Republic of Croatia.

The application offers three unique packages


It is completely free to use and is an introduction to the multitude of information provided by
the PREMIUM and PREMIUM + packages. Basic package contains basic categories of
offenses primarily for pedestrians, cyclists, moped riders and motorcyclists. Find out the
prescribed penalties and how the police sanction established violations on Croatian roads.

#pedestrians #cyclists #mopedists #motorcyclists


If you have always been interested in the most common offenses that drivers commit on the
roads of the Republic of Croatia, this is the package for you! Find all data on laws, processes
and violations in one place, with a detailed view of more than 150 violations. Find out the
prescribed penalties, the conditions for issuing warnings or when a fine is charged at the
scene. We also bring you advice for foreigners in Croatia as perpetrators of misdemeanors, so that you are ready for all situations. Carefree use of the Premium package for only  HRK 39.00/year.

#pedestrians #cyclists #mopedists #motorcyclists #cardrivers


The most comprehensive information on road traffic offenses, tachograph, digital card, time
limits for professional drivers, freight transport on the vehicle, "code 95", is now at your
fingertips. Be informed with one touch on your screen about any segment of driving,
regardless of whether you are a legal entity or a natural person. Avoid penalties, get informed
on time! The price of the Premium + package is HRK 49.00/year.

#pedestrians #cyclists #mopedists #motorcyclists #cardrivers #professionaldrivers

Why Upss?

Pedestrians, motorcyclists, young drivers, drivers…

• Do you want to know what is the prescribed penalty for speeding in the settlement or for
which offenses negative misdemeanor points are imposed?
• What are the conditions for issuing a warning measure?
• How does the law view the height of children and transportation in a vehicle?
• What are the most common pedestrian offenses?

Professional drivers, transport companies…

• Not sure what is the age limit for taking the D + E category?
• Are you a professional driver and interested in weekly driving time violations?
• Do you have a transport company and want constant availability of information and
education for your mobile workers?


• Did you receive a speeding ticket at your home address?
• You refused to pay a fine at the scene?
• Were you involved in a car accident?
• Crossing the state border with a damaged vehicle?

In just a few steps, find out the answers to these questions, but also many other interesting
information provided by the Upss application.

News from the field of road traffic in the blink of an eye!

With the purchased PREMIUM or PREMIUM + package, the Upss application will regularly
inform you about interesting things in the field of road traffic (important legal changes,
notifications from the Ministry of the Interior, etc.), and will also serve as a reminder, for
example to start winter time and mandatory use of lights on the vehicle or use of mandatory
winter equipment.

Discover the magic of the UPSS app and prevent #Upss on the road!

Application content

Motociklisti i biciklisti

Vozačka dozvola



Tehnička neispravnost

Neispravno prestrojavanje

Svjetla na vozilu


Prometni znakovi


Prednost prolaska

Crveno svjetlo

Nepostupanje po naredbi policije

Prometna nesreća

Digitalna kartica

Istek osiguranja


Zimski uvjeti

Prometna dozvola


Prijevoz osoba

Dopuštena masa teretnih vozila

Suprotni smjer

Prekoračenje najveće dopuštene mase

Vozač umoran ili bolestan

Vozačka dozvola i mobitel

Vremenska ograničenja

Obveze vozača prema pješacima

Vrijeme vožnje

Noćni rad

Radno vrijeme vozača

Odmori vozača

Prijevoz za vlastite potrebe

Izvanredni prijevoz

The Upss app is currently available for Android smartphones.
Expressed prices are valid for a one-year subscription.
The subscription can be canceled at any time.